Colombia Preparing for a Bright Future

Last month, international news covered what seems to most to be a small story – the destruction of Montecarlo, also known as Pablo Escobar’s house.  But for people of Medellin, this means a large gesture, letting go of the past little by little and building a bright future.

The legacy of Pablo Escobar has marked Medellin history with drug wars and prostitution. The huge negative impacts has followed people from Medellin for decades and unfortunately this is still something they struggle with, although on a significantly smaller scale. His glorification on media has helped keep back all sorts of help for the country, everything from investment, tourism and overall international perception of the city, and the country itself. Escobar has become a part of the history which many people from Medellin don’t want to talk about and try to educate tourists (or foreigners when they’re abroad). Although there are many Escobar tours in the city, they are meant to be more educational and informative rather than glorifying, so that visitors understand the solid rejection and move on to more positive and promising attractions Medellin has to offer.

Destruction of the home, and replacement with a monument to the victims, is a step forward and a commitment to progress. It’s true that Medellin cannot change its past, but they can change the way they want to be perceived and known on an international level. Escobar’s victims are countless and remembered by every Colombian, so the need to honor them and understand their history is strong, so that the past never repeats itself.

Medellin is already a city transformed, in just two decades it came from being mainly known for its violence to one held as an example of urban innovation, having won several awards such as World City Prize, Most Innovative City of the World and Bravo Award for Most Transformational City of the year in 2016. This transformation is being widely known; investments and tourism rates are rapidly increasing as a result. People from all around the world are coming to visit for the right reasons, such as Flower Festival, culture, weather, food, nature, business and lovely people. With many spanish schools, salsa lessons and overall cultural exchange programs, many tourists have already moved to Medellin and decided to start investing and properties and business

So, while it may seem like a symbolic gesture to many, destroying Montecarlo is a big step forward in the future of Medellin. This demonstrates the people and the government’s commitment to a bright future for Colombia. As many people say, the only risk of coming to Medellin, is wanting to stay!