Why Colombia is the One of the Happiest Countries on Earth

Just the thought of visiting Colombia is exciting, but by actually visiting and spending time with its people, you really feel why it’s one of the world’s happiest country. But what is it about the country that makes it the happiest place to visit? There’s no one answer, but here’s what we got when we asked our team, colleagues, and investors:


  1. Optimism for the Future: Medellin and major cities have been quite peaceful for a while, that a tourist visiting today can feel quite at ease and forget about the country’s long and tumultuous history. Despite the 50+ year civil war Colombia has had to endure by left and right wing terrorists, and specially by the infamous FARC, recent studies show that Colombians genuinely believe that better days will come for the country. The peace agreement signed in 2016 made way to a new chapter where FARC, who had tormented the country for so many years are finally ceasing fire. Colombians have always shown resilience to the harsh history of violence and are now very optimistic about future progress. The ongoing efforts to forgive and make peace with the past have set Colombia as a clear example of a country moving forward and creating a bright future for all.
  2. Family and Values Oriented Culture: Coming from a very deep traditional and family oriented background, Colombians have always treasured and shown respect to family, carrying out the family-first line of thinking. It’s very common for people to live with their parents until they get married or engaged and it’s also very common to spend as much time as possible with relatives in family gatherings. Family has a very broad definition, where close friends are also considered family and treated as such.
  3. The Rumba in Colombia is Non-Stop: Colombians live for parties and holidays and really know how to enjoy every weekend. Salsa is really popular and Cali, another major city in Colombia is known as the Salsa Capital, widely known for the World Salsa championships. The salsa culture is popular throughout Colombia,  Medellin is home to many famous nightclubs which often offer salsa lessons on weeknights. It’s almost sacred and mandatory that every Colombian know how to dance salsa and picking up a few moves while in town is a great way to connect with new local friends.
  4. Vacation Sites: Colombians are blessed with beautiful lands and they sure know it. With a vast variety of landscapes, you can find it all in Colombia! From the gorgeous Mountain Views and eternal spring in Medellin- to the Tatacoa Desert and the lovely river of Seven Colors in Caño Cristales, Colombians find their perfect vacation destination within the country. Being Medellin one of the most popular vacation get-away, Colombians specially enjoy Feria de Flores on August and the Christmas lights in December.  

Colombians always spread joy and happiness to those who visit and as they always say, the only risk of visiting Colombia is wanting to stay! Come and join the fun and look for your next vacation rental with us here.

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